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Tip of the day! Convert PowerPoint to Flash or Video

Convert PowerPoint to Flash or Video


In the newer versions of Office, you can save your presentation with all transitions and animations as a Windows Media file. Using third-party software, you can then convert this to flash, MP4, or whatever video format you need. First open the presentation and make sure you review your slideshow and adjust the timings for the animations/transitions. Try to make it as automated as possible without the need for mouse clicks as those will automatically be converted in the video, but the duration will be a default value instead of something of your choice.

Next, click File, then Save as and choose Windows Media Video for the file type this time around.

windows media video

Click Save and you now have a video of your presentation! I was quite impressed with the quality of the video and the almost 100% match to the actual presentation in PowerPoint in terms of slides, timings, animations, audio and transitions.

The second method involves taking a completed presentation and uploading it to a site called AuthorStream. You have to sign up to use the service, but it’s free and definitely worth it. AuthorStream will also keep any audio recordings that you may have in the presentation.

Once you have it uploaded and it is converted, you will see a dropdown for Download and one for Video. Under download, you can convert the presentation to Flash and under video you can convert it to an MP4 video (up to 5 minutes for free).

pp to flash

In addition to AuthorStream, you can check out Slideshare, iSpring, and Zoho Show for getting flash versions of your PowerPoint presentation. You can then embed them into your blog or website.

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