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Pack Up Backup Procedures!













Are you scared you are going to lose all your data? Nobody knows when your computer will Pack it up!

Follow our Pack Up Back Up solutions, and if you get stuck, Contact Components Plus today and we will be able to assist you in setting up a backup solution for your home or business!

Method 1: Manually back up your files and settings to removable media or to a network location

The simplest method is to manually back up your files and settings to removable media or a network location. You can specify the files and settings that you want to back up and how often you want to perform a backup.

Note Examples of removable media include external hard disks, DVDs, CDs, and USB memory cards. You can back up files to a different computer or a network device if your computer is connected to a network such as a wireless network.


Method 2: Use the Backup and Restore Centre

As a precaution, you can use the Backup and Restore Centre feature of Windows.

Backup and Restore (formerly Windows Backup and Restore Centre) is a component of Microsoft Windows introduced in Windows Vista and included in later versions that allows users to create backups and restore from backups. It is a replacement of NTBackup, which was included in previous Windows versions. It became a deprecated feature in Windows 8 and was completely removed in Windows 8.1 in favor of File History


Method 3: Shadow Protect & Image Manager – Ask Components Plus Today!

ShadowProtect 5! Get the legendary reliability of ShadowProtect to back up your Windows servers, laptops and desktops and quickly recover them when disaster strikes. Protect entire systems—the operating system, applications, services, settings and all of your data.

ImageManager provides numerous ways to organize and manage your backup image files created with ShadowProtect® best-in-class disaster recovery technology.

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